A fee of $100 /player is payable for 2020 summer  mixed competition and $100/player for mens/ladies  competition for each team a player plays in.

·         To be eligible to play finals a player must pay the full competition fee regardless of when they enter during the season.


Important! Each team requires a minimum of 11 players OR must pay the equivalent of 11 players.

  • If fees are not paid by round 3, at our discretion we may prevent a team from playing. If you find you are having difficulty with your payment we are happy to discuss a payment plan.
  • Teams with incomplete Team Registrations by round 3 will receive NO COMPETITION POINTS from week 4 onwards (these points will not be returned).  


Making Payment of Fees

The method for payments of fees:

  • Individual players pay for the fees online through the MySportsEdge system. See the venues website for details


Unregistered Players Specific Infringements

·         Only registered players can take the field

·         Any team found to have fielded an unregistered player will have their competition points deducted for the season and they will not be returned, the Team Delegate (acting Captain) will also be subject to a Black Card Suspension

·         If at any time a player is found to have lied to a game official, they can be subject to a ‘Black Card’ suspension


Casual Players

  • Can only play casually for the one team and cannot play as a casual player in a division that they already play in ( Mixed is counted as 1 division)
  • Must visit the admin disk prior to taking the field to pay a $10 fee via the My sports Edge system (this is online only)
  • If they are not a registered Oztag player, they will also be required to pay the appropriate membership fee
  • Casual players are not eligible for finals




  • Official Oztag Shorts must be worn during competition. These can be purchased at the admin desk on sign-on nights and during the competition ($25)
  • All Oztag shorts must be purchased via the Venue Manager/venue. Shorts purchased direct by an external supplier (with particular note to sublimated shorts) will not be able to be worn





All teams will have until Round 3 to have their uniforms in order.  Uniform requirements are that:

  • All players within the team have matching numbered shirts
  • After round 3, teams that do not comply with uniform requirements will give 1 try for each player to the opposing side before the commencement of the game
  • Different colour official Oztag shorts are accepted



  • 12 regular fixture rounds for mixed and 10 regular fixture rounds for mens/ladies
  • 2 rounds of the final series – Semi-finals = 1 v 4, 2 v 3
  • Presentation night at completion of each competition, to be held on the grand final night
  • Prizes - Prizes are given to Winners and Runners Up, and MVP and Top Try Scorers in each division



  • All games to start at the same time. If teams are not ready it is their time lost. Games will commence as per draw time, no exceptions
  • Game times are broken down into:
    • 2 minute warning for teams to take the field
    • 20 minute halves
    • 2 minute half time
    • 3 minutes between games



  • Win or bye - 3 points
  • Draw - 2 points
  • Loss or forfeit with sufficient notice - 1 point
  • Forfeit without sufficient notice - 0 points




  • Teams must field 5 players inside of 5 minutes into the game or they forfeit
  • Mixed teams can only field a team of 4 men maximum however a team can field up to 8 women, therefore the minimum field requirements are 4 men and 1 woman
  • Teams that win due to opposition team forfeit receive 3 competition points and 5 Tries ‘for’
  • Teams that forfeit  receive no points and 5 tries ‘against’




  • A decision will be made no later than 4.00pm on game night to see whether grounds are playable.
  • For information please check the following after 4.00pm on game night:
    • Facebook page
    • Website 
    • Contact your team manager



  • Automatic penalties apply to any player being sent off or sin binned
  • The automatic penalties can be increased should the Venue Manager decide it is warranted
  • For more information on the Player Discipline process please refer to the Qld Oztag Policy Manual


Send Offs

  • Any player sent off will automatically be given a 2-week suspension
  • Individual incidents will be revised and may attract larger suspensions as per the Qld Oztag Policy manual
  • If the player wishes to appeal, this must be done in writing within 1 week of the related incident as per the Qld Oztag Policy manual
  • In addition to the 2 weeks suspension the player will be asked to be a Touch Judge for 4 games. Until these 4 games are completed the player will not be able to return to play at any Oztag Venue within Qld


Sin Bins

  • A player who is sin binned will be asked to stand at the oppositions try line for a period to be determined by the referee
  • In addition, if a player is sin binned they will be asked to be a Touch Judge for 2 games. Until these two games are completed the player will be unable to return to play at any Oztag Venue within Qld



If you would like to contact us please review the ‘Contact Us’ tab on our Oztag website & Facebook page




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