Frequently Asked Questions

 When is Junior Sign On's ?

Junior sign ons are happening NOW. You can register and sign on your child/children now via our online payment facility . For sign on's with a Fair Play voucher, you will need to email your voucher to with other applicable information. 


When are Junior Games Played?

Junior Oztag games will be played every Wednesday  between 4pm and 6pm . Younger divisions will play first and it is anticipated that the last games will finish by around 6pm . The season will consist of 8 pool rounds plus 2 round of finals . On Grand Final day there will be a medal presentations for ALL players. 

Younger age groups will play first with the older age groups finishing off in the later timeslots.


What if my child will be away for school holidays?

Games are NOT played during school holidays.


When is round 1?

Round 1 commences on Wednesday 7th October and Thursday 8th October  . Grand Final and presentation day is Wednesday 9th December and Thursday 10th December


Does my child need to attend training each week?

No training days are scheduled for Oztag players. It is up to individual teams to arrange their own training days if they choose to do so. The majority of teams, do not train at all. 



Who & What is a Delegate/Manager? 

They are our Team Contacts. Delegates are not coaches. They may help the team by substituting players during the game & usually at the beginning organise shirt colour and team shirts for them. Some teams put too much pressure on the delegate believing they are there to coach the team. Remember they have kindly put their hand up and given up some time to be our point of contact to make life a little easier for the players/parents. Offer them assistance.   

Does Oztag provide Coaches? 

Being a recreational sport, Oztag does not have coaches, We ask for parents to help by being a delegate of the team and in many cases, the delegates of teams are Mums/ Dads. Coaches are provided at State Cup representative level. Our referees are also trained to coach and teach teams as they play. Team Mentors will be provided for our created teams


How much does it cost to play junior Oztag? 

Price is $85 for the season. There is also an $11 once off annual membership fee charged by Qld Oztag. If your child has never played Oztag before, they will need Oztag shorts to play in. Oztag shorts have velcro patches attached to the hips to attach the tags to. Shorts are $25 a pair. Girls have the option of purchasing either shorts or embroidered tights. Tights are $35  .All players must wear official Oztag shorts or tights to play.



Some friends signed my child up but I have not paid registration fees yet.

 Players cannot take the field unregistered/unfinancial and will not be placed into a team. Any player taking the field unregistered is not covered for insurance and may result in the team forfeiting the game.



When is the last game of the season Played?


Grand final day is on Wednesday December 9th and Thursday December 10th  . ALL children who participate will recieve a medal on the Grand Final day. We encourage everyone to come along on grand final day to watch the games, cheer everyone on and enjoy the medal presentation.


My child doesn't have a team to play in....Can he/she still play? 

Whole teams can be entered into the competition or we always welcome indiviuals, whom we can place into a team. We will always do our best to place individuals into a team with their mates, friends or neighbours (as long as the team is not already full).


Age divisions are as follows.....

Divisions will be either Boys or Girls in the following age groups.....Tiny Taggers U5's   , U6/7 Mixed , U8/9's boys,  U8/9 girls, U8/9 mixed, U10/11' boys, U10/11 girls, U10/11 mixed, U12/13 boys, U12/13 girls, U12/13 Mixed, U14/15 boys, U14/15 girls and U14/15 Mixed . Mixed teams may be entered  but please note that they will be pooled in the boys division if there are not enough other mixed teams in this age group to create a division. Depending on numbers for each division, some divisions may be changed . Parents will be contacted if this occurs


How do I sign my child up to play?

Sign on procedure - Sign on's can  be done online via our secure online registration. To use our secure online payment system on "Register Now" link at the bottom of the junior sign on page after reading all info.  For  government issued Fair Play vouchers please email them to Payment will need to be made prior to September 18th for your childs name to be entered into a team.


Will my child need to be graded? 

  Oztag does not grade players. Oztag is a recreational sport designed for children to make up teams so that they can play with their friends. We have teams made up from school class friends, winter sport teams (netball, Rugby league, Rugby Union, Soccer etc.) and from individuals signing up 




How do I know what team my child is in?

Approx no later than 2 days prior to kick off, team lists will be available to be viewed on this website. Please note down the team name your child is in and then go to the draw to view their game time. Game times will vary slightly from week to week, so the draw will need to be checked on a weekly basis. Game times may vary slightly due to a BYE in their division.


What if it is raining on game day? 

In the case of wet weather please check on the wet weather tab on this web site for up to date information. Aternatively, add Hervey Bay Oztag as a friend on Facebook where wet weather info will also be available. Team Delegates will also be issued with wet weather information as soon as possible so please check with your team delegate, on facebook or on our wet weather page before contacting us.


Government issued Fair Play Vouchers....

  We will happily accept Fair Play Vouchers. Fair Play vouchers can be issued by the government to applicable families once per year. Fair Play vouchers will cover our REGISTRATION 3 pack which consists of : player registration + shorts/tights + cap.

 For more information and elligbility requirements, check out the link below


Applying for a voucherCheck if you are eligible and find out where you can use your FairPlay voucher.