Please note that all players must have been registered and paid their fees before playing otherwise they are uninsured and unregistered . Unfinancial players cannot be on the field. Please ensure that you have paid your childs fees. 


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 and then read all info before scrolling to the draw button below to see what time your team is playing.

U8-10 games will consist of Oztag based skills games plus Oztag games

U11-14 Mixed games will be played under mixed competition rules ie: All female trys are worth 2 points and there can only ever be a maximum of 4 boys on the field at one time for a team.

1. Please come early to collect any tights/shorts that have been ordered. If you haven't pre ordered shorts or tights, you can pay by card ( not eftpos) or cash. Cash will be quicker for you.

2. Please locate and fill out your childs team registration sheet and sign before your child plays. This is very important and is an insurance requirement. Your child will be unregistered and uninsured if you do not do this. Team sheets will be located on a table near the admin.

3. Bring yourself a camp chair and a big hat or umbrella, sit back and enjoy the games as our awesome team of referees and team mentors look after the kids!


 Please note that we cannot set up or sit behind trylines that the kids are running to as we must have 5 metres clearance here for our safety policies so that the kids cannot be hurt. So no bags, chairs, bikes, water bottles or anything else in this area, it must be kept clear. 



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