What do you need to do?

*        Share this info with your staff members

*        passing around the attached voucher 
( Click here for voucher )
*        pin up on a notice board.

*        In the mean time check out our YouTube Channel for all things Oztag
*        If you don't have enough staff members, friends & family are welcome
to join your work team.

I have got enough work mates to make a team. What's my next step?

*        You - Contact us via email or give us a call
*        Us - Organize a game of Walk/Jog Tag to introduce everyone to the
basics of the game before the season commences. We will supply all the 
playing equipment
*        Us - We will send you an Online Registration Link for your staff
members to register for FREE
*        You - Share the registration link out with all staff members.
*        Us - We will add you to the draw ready for the start of the season.
*        You - Send us your business logo
*        Us - We will promote your business on our social media channels
during the course of the season

If you don't have enough players that's fine, we can join you into 
another team to get started

It's that simple!!


*        Be a Business Owner or Employee of a local business
*        Never played Oztag at one of our affiliated venues ( vouchers are for new players only)
*        Team must have 10 or more players, However, if you have a group of 5
or more players we may be able to place you with another group of the 
same size to form a team
*        You must purchase a pair of official Oztag playing shorts ($25) or
tights ($35) when registering. These can be purchased when using the free registration  link that we will pass onto you
*        Vouchers cannot be redeemed individually only as part of a new business or school team
*        Must present vouchers to Oztag admin along with a completed online
registration form before playing round 1 and must have used the free registration link provided
*        This voucher can only be used for our Winter or Summer seasons
(beginning in May) as promoted on local websites
*        If you have used a voucher or played Oztag previously you will not
be eligible for this program

Vouchers & online registrations are available from your Local Venue or print out here

Give Glenn a call on0414 893 840 for more info!