2017 Junior Autumn Draw


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Game Day Step 1 : Locate your childs Team Registration Sheet at the admin area and make sure that details are filled in and correct, then sign after reading information on the back of it.

Step 2: Collect any shorts or merchadise that has been ordered from the admin area                                                                                                                             

Step 3: Locate your childs game field and watch the game !                                                                                                                                                                    


Modified Rules

As all divisions are mixed and some teams had entered as whole teams of friends, the following rules will be played to ensure that the games are fun for all players.  

  1. Boys teams playing against mixed or girls teams will be allowed no marker and may not move in defence until the ball is touched by the first receiver  

                                                              2. Boys teams playing against mixed or girls teams will kick off when they score and trys must be scored from a minimum of 2 passes                                                                                                                                                       3. All girls trys in mixed or girls teams will be worth 2 points regardless of how many boys are on the field for their team                                                                                                            

                                                              4. The referee may change or modify these rules and introduce a scoring box at any time to ensure that all players/teams are participating and enjoying their games of Oztag                                                                                                            


All parents and spectators are to read and understand our Code of Conduct....see sub-tab under "Rules at a Glance"

  • Sorry, parents/coaches are not permitted to be on the field with players
  • For safety purposes, we request that all spectators stay a minimum of 5 meters back from any painted trylines and sidelines. Please ensure there are no chairs, prams, water bottles or bags within 5 meters of any painted lines as these become a trip hazard.
  • Please do not walk on or ride on the cricket pitch which is further out behind field 4 when entering from Walkers Road.

 Team  Lists
Under 6-8's(skills and fun games)
Bella Norris
Dakota Thomas
Callista Henke
Jayla Waiten
Cody Waiten
Jack O'Shannessy
Dean O'Shannessy
Lachlan Bradford
Tyrell Bradford
Jake Moriarty
Mattai Muir-Scott
Mitchell Bayfield
Ayla Beatson
Madi Leman
Under 10-12's Mixed
                        Raptors               Humpy Hopefuls              Tagstars           Team 4                           
Keenan Day         Emily Fisher                 Holly Bower           Luke Burt
    Arly Gemmell       Mia Ferguson                Cayley Phillips        Bailey Nichols
                      Riley Hawthorne      Dominique Balz            Larissa Tangikara     Camren Duggan                  
      Leon Huxam       Mikayla Sankey              Charlie Andersen    Alex Lange
            Dayne Conway         Lyla Lawrence                         Callin             Ella Miles              
                  Matthew Lynch     Maddison Irwin                Amalie                  Toby Jackson            
             Mason Glover           Lyndall Zahra                  Jarrah Gerchow      Dakota Armstrong   
                Chaz             Tasha Nichols                  Zoe Greenslade     Charlotte Balke
                              Bryce Bayfield           Deacon Tangikara           2 Players Needed     Crystal Brent                             
                    Ethan Cunningham     Angus Jackson                                              1Player Needed            
             Under 13-15's Mixed
Humpback 13's Girls    XCC Allstars         Venom          Team 4   
      Charli Thompson    Teagan McCloskey    Saxon Day    Talisha Bell
            Courtney Clarke      Mackenzie Wakely    Jai Gemmell    Jeremiah Lawton
         Ava Lawrence         Madi Wakely          Brock Mason    Tyler Norris   
                       Emma Keyworth     Kyesha Feste             Cade O'Rourke    Jayden Fisher            
                   Aria Duncan    Tahlia Torissi            Ben Hultgren    Logan Lougheed
               Abbey Ferguson    Shelby Andersen        Joel Glass          Jaiden Torissi   
                    Gracie Finn    Georgia Demilio         Keenan Day      Quinn Hutchings
                    Ella Webb    Emily Thompson         Bailey Bower      Lachlan Elder   
                Emma Morrison    Chelsea Weinert        Matthew Cramer    Libby Muir         
                                                     Chloe Burt     1 Player Needed         1 Player Needed   1 Player Needed